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Occupational and Student Health

The Office of the General Counsel supports the various offices at campus and JPL that are involved in occupational health, student health, and workers' compensation. At campus, the Caltech Office of Environmental, Health, and Safety, the Health Center, the Student Counseling Center , and the Staff and Faculty Consultation Center provide resources to the campus community. The JPL Office of Safety and Mission Success, and the Occupational Health Services are the resources for the JPL community. These offices are charged with aiding students and employees with work-related and personal health issues, Caltech policies, as well as implementing federal, state, and local enviromental and safety laws.

Additional information is available at:

Research Affairs Practice Group - Enviroment and Safety

Environmental, Health, and Safety Office
Staff and Faculty Consultation Center
Student Counseling Center
Student Health Center

Office of Safety and Mission Sucess
Occupational Health Service

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