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Risk, Dispute, and Litigation Management Practice Group

The Risk, Dispute, and Litigation Management Practice Group manages lawsuits, subpoenas, and other legal proceedings on behalf of Caltech and advises and guides Caltech employees who are involved in such proceedings. The group also works with Caltech employees to identify and resolve issues relating to academic, scientific, and administrative operations in order to promote their smooth functioning and legal compliance. Finally, the group serves as an informational and advisory resource to Caltech employees who have questions or concerns about the legal implications of their scholarly or professional activities, professional relationships, administrative duties, or workplace observations.

We have provided below a list of Frequently Asked Questions, organized under key topics implicated by the group's activities. The answers convey general information and are not meant to be used as legal advice. Please contact one of the Associate General Counsels listed as "Counsel Contacts" with any questions or concerns you may have about the topics addressed below or about other related issues.

Frequently Asked Questions